Who's behind the brand?


Who's behind the brand?

Award Winning Best Garment Concept!



What's the brand about?

ALINES HANDMADE is an ethical fashion brand, inspired by African fashion. 
It has launched  10 collections since 2018 based on children's garments, each peice handmade by the founder, Aline.

The founder Aline decided to work with a team in Tanzania in January 2023 where she generated a partnership with seamstresses and tailors who are self employeed buisnesses people. 
With the new partnership ALINES HANDMADE launched their (11th) first women's collection, exclusively created in Tanzania! And for the first time, not sewn by the founder Aline. 

 Who's the founder?
Aline is a mother, entreprenuer and a full time health care professional at Great Ormond Street Hospital and decided to pick up her sewing where she left it back in secondary school. Aline has a mixed heritage from Sweden and Tanzania, born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden.
Currently living in London living the dream as career driven busniess woman.

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