How do I wash the Tutu Skirt?

The tutu skirt will need to be hand washed, with limited washing powder. Try to hand wash gently and concentrate more on the dirty spots rather then soaking the whole skirt. Hang the tutu skirt on a hanger to dry and gently de tangle the skirt with your fingers, once dry you will need to de tangle it again.

How do I look after the fabric?

You can wash the fabric in 30c, my collection is based on 100% cotton.
Turn it inside out and feel free to mix it with other colourful clothes. 'alines handmade' clothing is easy to handle and wash as children easily get messy. As a mother I keep on washing clothes nearly everyday and I never have to worry about 'bobbles'. Medium ironing. 

Damage or wrong size?

Please see 'Terms' for more details. 

Where do you ship to?

'alines handmade' is currently  shipping to Sweden and United Kingdom. 

Can I make a special order request (Customise)?

Absolutely, Feel free to send me an email with your request e.i fabric, sizes, adding something extra or remove.