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Born in Sweden, of a mixedmheritage to a father who's from Tanzania has been a great influence in my styles and designs, visiting the continent of Africa I have seen and been influenced by the many colours and designs each country has.
I have a great fascination with their way of life and I would like to translate that in to my clothes.
My inspiration for creating clothes started while I was young and only now that I have grown I have come to realise that I too can become a great designer. Seeing the fruition of my work come to life and on these models has been a dream come true.

ALINES HANDMADE is an ethical fashion brand where I want our children to express their individuality and freeness by wearing my collection, its an enemy of the ordinary where I aim to create something unique to the market.
The range comprises four collections, with each piece lovingly handmade by me.

ALINES HANDMADE has taken part in two runway fashion shows where I was the only children's fashion designer (on both occasions).
I had the privilege to win 'Best Garment Concept' in 2018  on my first fashion show arranged by @AfroShow in Oxford.

I love sewing and I feel extremely happy that I can make a brighter place in your childs wardrobe.
My collection represents all ethnicity and its made with love for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you for your support.